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Typical of states with many rural areas, Mississippi is separated into circuit courts, most of which are comprised of at least two counties. In Mississippi, there are 22 Circuit Court districts. In addition to the circuit courts, there are also Chancery Courts, County, Justice, and Municipal courts, but the Circuit courts handle the majority of criminal matters.

Finding Yalobusha County arrest warrant search data may require contacting the District 17 Circuit Court, which, in addition to Yalobusha County, covers Desoto, Panola, Tallahatchie, and Tate Counties. Circuit Courts hear felony criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits. In Mississippi, Circuit Courts hear appeals from all of a county’s Justice and Municipal courts. The Yalobusha County Circuit Clerk may be reached at 132 Blackmur Drive, Water Valley, MS, 38965.

While courts may issue arrest warrants, it typically falls to law enforcement to monitor Yalobusha County outstanding warrants and execute active warrants through arrests. Thus, a county sheriff is a likely repository of information on warrants and arrest records. In Yalobusha County, MS, there is no website per se for the sheriff’s office. However, the sheriff does maintain a Facebook page. Most of the material on the page is of the general info type, but there are some references to specific items that may help research outstanding warrants. One such listing is from September 19, 2013, about a specific mobile app:

We have recently added some names to our MOST WANTED LIST on our Mobile Patrol App. Everyone, please take a good look at the new faces and let us know if you see any of these people.

Also, we have over 600 people following the Mobile Patrol App on their smartphones. Please continue to spread the word about the app.

The Yalobusha County sheriff may be reached at 7076 CR 436, Water Valley, MS 38965.

How can I get arrest records and warrant details from Yalobusha County over the phone? (Expires in 2021)       

  • To request an accident report, arrest records and an incident report, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 662-473-3602.
  • To know about Yalobusha County arrest warrants, call the Justice Court at 662-623-0043.
  • To request information on victim and witness program, call the Yalobusha County Prosecutor’s Office at 662-623-0043.
  • To begin a criminal case search, contact the Clerk of Court at 662-675-8187/662-473-1341.

Crime statistics of Yalobusha County

Around 79 cases of property crimes and 12 cases of violent crimes were investigated by Yalobusha County Police in 2019. The annual crime average was 91 incidents.

Two cases each of rape and robbery and 7 cases of serious assault were among the 12 violent crime cases. There were 32 burglaries, 32 larceny-theft reports, and 15 motor vehicle theft complaints among the 79 property crime incidents.