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The Mississippi Department of Public safety hosts the crime information center for the state which is a central repository of all arrest records and active warrants issued in criminal matters. The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) which was organized in 1966 is the largest investigative tool of its kind in the hands of law enforcement.

When ten prints are submitted manually or through electronic means by using a Livescan site, the department compares this with the arrest records and other crime history related information in their database which is entered on the basis of fingerprints taken at the time of arrest. Mississippi AFIS is interfaced with its counterpart at the federal level, so inquiries are also run through the database held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In response to search requests sent to the MS crime history information center, applicants can expect to get information on all criminal convictions, arrests that are less than a year old, the issue of active warrants, sentencing, parole, probation and more.

How to look up information on Mississippi arrest records and outstanding warrants?

Although crime history information is maintained by the Department of Public Safety, it is possible to look for information on warrants ad arrests through the DPS as well as the Department of Health. In Mississippi only certain authorized employers and entities are allowed to conduct warrant searches.

Generally, legislative authority in the matter is only enjoyed by hospices, hospitals and day care centers working with the elderly, children and disabled adults, educational institutions, health care facilities, assisted living centers and home health facilities. Warrant searches are only allowed in response to fingerprint submissions.

It is possible to visit the office of either department for the submission of finger prints or you could use the FingerPro-FTS Remote software which can be purchased for any Windows operating system. You will also have to buy a desktop scanner or a live scan device. Alternatively, potential employees can be sent to the local police station for fingerprinting. The cost of Mississippi crime history reports is $50 but if the fingerprints are returned, the applicant will have to pay again to initiate the search. To connect with the Department of Health, you can write to them at the Criminal History Record Check Unit, P.O. Box 1700, Jackson, MS 39215 or call them on 601-992-4121 ext. 201 for additional information.

To procure complete criminal history through the Department of Public safety, you will have to approach their Applicant Fingerprint Processing Section. This division receives fingerprint cards from applicants and searches through the state and FBI databases to find any crime history files on record. The database maintained by the agency only contains information on criminal matters that occurred on or after 1998, so if you want older records, you will have to connect with the Department of Health.

Once again, like the MDH, the DPS also exclusively offers finger print based inquiries and ten print cards can be submitted at a local police station or through one of the authorized live scan sites. You can also order Mississippi Criminal arrest cards from the AFIS of the MDPS. The cards once prepared can be faxed to the department at 601-933-2676 or you can contact the agency through their mailing address at:

Department of Public safety

PO Box: 958,

Jackson, Mississippi 39205