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An arrest warrant search from Walthall County, MS will certainly bring back a wealth of information on all criminal matters that involved the subject. However, little will be offered by way of information when you try to look for the original affidavit that was filed for the issue of the detention directive.

These sworn writs come from the office of the sheriff and because they contain information on the evidence, the charges being sought against the accused, personal details about this person, witness and victim details, civilian applicants are not offered access to this document.

However, an attorney can try to find this information from the office of the magistrate. The original affidavit is attached to the active warrant handed out to the police but copies of this document are maintained by the office of the magistrate that issues all legal directives as well as the office of the clerk of court that keeps information on all cases.

In fact, in your quest for details on Walthall County arrest records and outstanding warrants, you can go to any of the state departments mentioned below. These agencies will not only furnish details on the issue of court orders for arrests and detentions but also they can tell you about the release of other judicial processes in the name of the subject and any civil matters against him. To find this data, go to:

  • The Law enforcement agency: 807 Magnolia Ave, Tylertown, Mississippi 39667
  • The county magistrate: 200 Ball Ave, Tylertown, MS 39667
  • The clerk of court: Given above

Walthall County, Mississippi has a total crime risk average of 49 which is significantly lower than the average of 93 observed for the state. In terms of specific crimes, burglary poses the higher risk while motor vehicle theft as the lowest average.