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An arrest warrant search from Wayne County, MS, will be able to tell you if a person you know was ever involved in any unscrupulous acts. Make no mistake; active warrants are not just issued in case of homicides and assaults. These judicial orders are also used to bring in offenders who are charged with misdemeanor offenses.

The only difference here is how these directives are used and served. In the case of Class and C and D misdemeanors, the warrant will often have the bail amount mentioned on it. So, once a person is arrested, posting bail will get him out of jail. In contrast, a bail hearing is the only way to get out of detention when it has been effected under an active warrant issued in a felony.

Bench warrants, which are also directives for arrests, come with shorter validity periods and limited geographical jurisdiction. Regardless of the type of warrant that has been used, details on the detention will be included in the arrest records section of the police database when an offender is apprehended.

When you go for a warrant search in Wayne County, you will not just be told about the arrest orders that have been served and outstanding warrants, but also, you will be given pertinent information on when the subject was arrested and why. It is possible to seek this data from three state agencies; these are:

  • The police: 613 Court Street, Waynesboro, Mississippi 39367
  • The judiciary: 810 Chickasawhay St, Waynesboro, MS 39367
  • The clerk of court: 609 Azalea Waynesboro, MS 39367
  • Online most wanted list: http://www.waynecoso.org/mw/

Is there any way to get information about County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update) 

  • Requests for arrest records, can be directed to the Sheriff’s Office at 601-735-3801.
  • Inquiries about arrest warrants can be directed to the Office of the Justice Court Clerk at 601-735-3118.
  • Inquiries about initiating a judicial record search can be directed to the Office of the Court Clerk at 601-735-1171.
  • Requests for crime victim’s assistance can be directed to the Wayne County Attorney’s Office at 601-735-7006.

Crime statistics of Wayne County

The Wayne Sheriff’s Office handled 218 criminal complaints in 2019. Of these, 172 were property offenses, and 46 were violent offenses. The reported crimes included: 95 larceny-thefts, 57 burglaries, 19 auto thefts, 29 aggravated assaults, 14 rapes, and 1 robbery.

Older crime statistics

A total of 270 crimes were reported in Wayne County, MI, in 2007 and 2008, and only 47 of these were acts that could be termed as violent. Overall, there has been a conspicuous decline in the number of criminal incidents. Violent crimes have gone down by a whopping 24%, but overall criminal incident figures dropped by just 2%.