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An arrest warrant search from Tishomingo County, MS, is a fabulous way to find out about any criminal transgressions that might be hidden away in the past of the subject. It generally takes state agencies no more than a few days to respond to such requests, and the results of the inquiry include a range of information. However, to best understand this data, it would help if you start with some background details on active warrants.

These are judicial directives used by the police to effect arrests of offenders accused of felonies. Still, the information available about them is limited, owing to which they cannot be apprehended. In case of misdemeanors, these orders are sought when the crime does not have a police officer as a witness.

Felony arrests can be made without warrants as long as the police meet the probable cause requirement before the accused is nabbed. Even when it comes to arrest warrants, the police have to prove to the bench that they have enough evidence against the suspect to hold him and nobody else responsible for the criminal act.

The sheriff’s deputies serve outstanding warrants, but it is the magistrate’s court that issues them. The county clerk’s office also has a role in this mix as they take down the court dockets for the pre-warrant hearing. So, when you need details on Tishomingo County arrest records and active warrants, you can approach any of these agencies.

The police: 1111 Maria Ln, Iuka, Mississippi 38852

The judiciary: 1008 Battleground Dr, Iuka, MS 38852

The clerk of court: 1008 Battleground Drive, Iuka, Mississippi 38852

In the eight years from 2001 to 2008, 800 instances of criminal activity were recorded in Tishomingo County, Mississippi. Of these cases, almost 13% were filed against violent crimes. However, a large part of that figure was attributed to property-related illicit acts. Burglary cases took the lead when it came to the most commonly occurring incidents at over 40 cases per annum.