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Because the lifecycle of an active warrant starts in the local courthouse, it is understandable why people drive down to the magistrate’s office when they want to get a Tippah County arrest warrant search done. Of course, it can also be argued that the police are in charge of serving these orders for arrests, so the right place to look for details on active warrants would be the sheriff’s department.

Another agency that also makes it to the list of places to visit when looking for information on criminal history is the county clerk’s office. Like its predecessors mentioned above, this agency, too, is connected with the process of warrant issue. However, their involvement can be called indirect at best.

The deputies of the clerk of court’s office show up at every court session, but they are mute spectators who merely record the court dockets without offering any real active service in court. Of course, this is not to relegate the all-important role of information keeping that they play.

In fact, if you are looking for crime history information such as arrest records and outstanding warrants from Tippah County or would like civil information like details on non-criminal cases, the county clerk’s office is the place to head to. The addresses of all three agencies mentioned here have been given below.

    • The sheriff’s department: 205 West Spring Street, Ripley, Mississippi 38663


    • The magistrate’s court: 205 W Spring St, Ripley, MS 38663


    • The county clerk’s office: 102-A North Main Ripley, MS 38663


How do I obtain arrest records and warrant information from Tippah County over the phone? (Valid until 2021) 

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Department at 662-837-9336 if you want to access arrest records.
  • Call the Tippah County Jail at 662-837-8270 if you’re looking for information on recent arrests.
  • Contact the Justice Court Clerk at 662-837-8842 if you want information about active warrants
  • Contact the Clerk of Court’s Office at 662-837-7370 if you are keen on accessing criminal case records.
  • Contact the Tippah Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 662-837-9976 if you need information on victim support.

Crime statistics of Tippah County

The Tippah Sheriff’s Office received 15 criminal complaints in 2019, which were filed against 14 property offenses and 1 violent crime.

The complaints against property crimes involved 3 larceny-thefts, 9 burglaries, and 2 motor vehicle thefts. The single complaint filed against violent crime involved aggravated assault.

Older crime statistics

Tippah County adds about 150 incidents to the crime total of MS each year. Of these cases, about 20% are filed in violent criminal matters, which is higher than the violent crime average of most other counties. Overall, there has been a distinctive improvement in the area’s crime scene with a fabulous 3 figure drop in case of violent crime.