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A small fee and some time are all it will take for you to get a Sunflower County arrest warrant search done. Usually, most MS justice agencies will not go beyond the two-figure mark when charging you for information on active warrants and arrest records. The same also goes for private entities that offer crime history data online.

The only difference is in the approach taken by these agencies when offering data on outstanding warrants and more. While state departments will charge you on a per search basis, with a private agency, you will have the option of conducting as many inquiries as you like for a set fee. However, the money you pay will only buy you their services for a specific period of time, after which you will have to renew your subscription.

Another obvious benefit of using the services of a third-party information vendor is that they offer information about arrest records and warrants from Sunflower County through the internet. So, you won’t have to venture out of your home for your crime history inquiry. In contrast, most state agencies will expect your presence in their office when initiating the warrant search.

The best you can do is to mail in your inquiry request. However, this is a time-consuming method as it often takes the state department in question anywhere from 7 to 10 working days plus mailing time to get the results to you. If you are desirous of conducting an online inquiry into outstanding warrants and arrests, you can fill the form above. On the other hand, applicants who want to find arrest warrants from Sunflower County through state agencies can go to:

  • The sheriff’s: 1300 Allen Road, Indianola, Mississippi 38751
  • The magistrate’s: 119 N Chester Ave, Ruleville, MS 38771
  • The county clerk’s: 2nd Street, Indianola, Mississippi 38751

How do you get information about Sunflower County warrants and arrests over the phone? (Updated in 2021)     

  • To learn about recent arrests, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 662-887-2121.
  • To get information on arrest warrants, contact the Justice Court Clerk at 662-887-6921.
  • To get help for a victim, contact the Sunflower County Attorney’s Office at 662-887-5398.
  • For judicial records, contact the Circuit Court Clerk at 662-887-1252.

Crime statistics of Sunflower County

In 2019, the Sunflower County Sheriff’s Department dealt with about 70 criminal complaints. Around 65 of these complaints were for property crimes. There were 21 cases of larceny-theft, 30 incidents of burglary, and 10 cases of motor vehicle theft in this category. Allegations of aggravated assault resulted in the filing of 5 violent crime complaints.

Older crime statistics

In the ten years from 1999 to 2008, almost 9000 criminal occurrences were reported in Sunflower County, MS. Of these incidents, over 10% were violent criminal acts. The worst part of this statistical data is that there has been a rise of almost 35% in the violent crime category.