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An arrest warrant search in Stone County, MS, will get you details on criminal history only to the point where you are told about any detention directives against the subject that ought to be of concern to you. Of course, arrest records will also be included in the background report. However, not even a footnote in the response explains how warrants actually work.

What is an arrest warrant?

This is a judicial order that is directed towards all law enforcement agents across the country. Treated on a priority basis, warrants often get served within a few hours or days of issue. Arrest warrants is an umbrella term used to denote orders for detention issued in felonies, those that have to do with misdemeanors, and even bench warrants.

Who issues active warrants in Stone County?

The authority to release arrest warrants is only held by the state judiciary. The magistrate’s court, which handles criminal matters, will usually be approached for a warrant. The police file the petition that gets the ball rolling on the process of warrant issue. However, the judge has the last word in the matter.

The unbelievable reach of Stone County outstanding warrants!

The legal term outstanding warrants refers to directives for arrests that have not been served as yet and are, in fact, a few months old. These orders are saved in the police database for use as and when required. Outstanding warrants typically remain valid for several decades after their release.

Better still, it would be appropriate to state that a warrant will stay in effect till the person in whose name it has been issued is not booked. Also, these orders can be used by police officers from all over the country, and detentions that occur under their provisions can be effected even outside the county of issue.

Finding information on Stone County arrest records and warrants!

  • Law enforcement agency: 1420 Industrial Park Road, Wiggins, Mississippi 39577
  • The county magistrate: 323 E. Cavers Ave, Wiggins, MS 39577
  • The clerk of court: P O Drawer 7, Wiggins, Mississippi 39577

Is it possible to acquire information about Stone County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update) 

  • You can call Jail Bookings for information on recent arrests-601-928-7042
  • You can contact the Sheriff’s Office with a general question about law and order- 601-928-7251.
  • You can contact the Justice Clerk to obtain information on arrest warrants- 601-928-4415.
  • You can call the Stone County Prosecutor’s Office for victim’s assistance-601-528-602.
  • You can contact the Clerk of Court for judicial records and a case search- 601-928-5246.

Crime statistics of Stone County

Stone County’s annual crime rate for 2019 was 208 incidents. The rate of violent crime stood at 47 instances. Around 10 occurrences of rape and 32 cases of serious assault were reported in 2019. Larceny-theft accounted for more than 70 property crime complaints, while burglaries accounted for 61 of them.

Older crime statistics

Between 2001 and 2008, approximately 2800 criminal complaints were taken to the sheriff’s office in the area. Of these incidents, almost 9% were violent criminal acts. Yet, nothing compares to the rate of thefts in Stone County, Mississippi, which tops at almost 200 incidents per annum.