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An arrest warrant search in Smith County, MS, comes as a highly recommended security measure that can help applicants keep unscrupulous elements away from their home and business ventures. Although many people believe that inquiries of this type are cumbersome to conduct, in reality, it seldom takes more than a couple of hours to get information from a chosen state agency.

One of the distinctive benefits of looking for details on Smith County arrest records and active warrants is that the results of your search will enable you to anticipate the direction in which your association with the subject is headed. For instance, if you find an outstanding warrant in this individual’s name, there are great chances that he will be taken into custody in the near future. Knowing this, would you really want to forge a professional relationship with him?

Similarly, past arrest records from Smith County signify that the individual in question is a habitual offender. Even if he has served his sentence and is now leading a reformed life, how comfortable would you be handing over the reins of your organization to this person?

As in a business, information is power in life, and inquiring about the active warrants issued against your subject is one way to keep sure that you have all the vital facts at your fingertips. For your search about warrants and arrests, you will have to go to one of the agencies listed below:

  • Law enforcement agency: 200 Courthouse Sq, Raleigh, Mississippi 39153
  • The county magistrate: 212 Sylvarena Ave, Raleigh, MS 39153
  • The clerk of court: 123 Main Street, Raleigh, Mississippi 39153

How do you contact state agencies for an arrest report or details about warrants from Smith County over the phone? (Updated-2021)      

  • Sheriff’s Department, to know about recent arrests- 601-782-4531.
  • Justice Court Clerk, to know about arrest warrants- 601-782-4334.
  • Circuit Court Clerk, for felony-related judicial records- 601-782-4751.
  • Smith County Prosecutor’s Office, for victim’s assistance- 601-452-5055.

Crime statistics of Smith County

In 2019, the Smith County Sheriff’s Department dealt with 52 criminal complaints. These included 46 non-violent crimes and 6 violent crimes.

The non-violent crimes category included 12 larceny thefts, 17 burglaries, and 17 motor vehicle thefts. Of the violent offenses, 5 were aggravated assaults.

Older crime statistics

The total crime index for Smith County, Mississippi, stands at 60, considerably lower than the state average of 90. For this analysis, countrywide averages are assumed to be at 100, and the specific figures of an area are compared with this static number. It was found that except for sexual assault in which the risk index of Smith County is at 111, hence higher than that of the country, in all other cases, the area fared better than the nationwide averages.