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Are you sure you want to take the risk of letting criminal elements get too close to your home or office by foregoing an arrest warrant search in Scott County? If you have never initiated such an inquiry, this would be a good time to start, given the ever-increasing crime rates of MS.

Also, the fact that getting a search for active warrants done only takes a few bucks and some effort on your part should give you added impetus to put in a request for information on warrants. If you are all set to drive down to an agency office in your area to look for details on arrest records and outstanding warrants from Scoot County against your subject, here is a list of some of the state departments that entertain such requests

  • The sheriff: 531 Airport Rd, Forest, Mississippi 39074
  • The magistrate: 100 E Main St, Forest, MS 39074
  • The clerk of court: P.O. Box 630, Forest, Mississippi 39074

Remember that while details on arrest warrants and criminal occurrences are kept by the judiciary and the police, if it is crime-related data that you are after, the sheriff’s office is possibly the best source of information. In fact, while at the precinct, you will also be able to look at a recent most wanted list.

Approaching the judiciary has its own advantages, not the least of which is the ability to find civil court dockets through the office of the clerk of court. The magistrate’s court will also be able to provide details on the release of other legal instruments such as bench orders for arrests along with active warrants from Scott County.

Will state agencies provide arrest records or information on warrants issued in Scott County over the phone? (Updated-2021)      

  • Details about arrests can be found by calling 601-469-5196.
  • Details about active warrants can be requested by calling 601-469-4555.
  • Judicial records and court dockets can be requested by calling 601-469-3601.
  • An incident report or arrest report can be requested by calling 601-469-1511.
  • Victim’s assistance can be requested by calling 601-469-0112.

Crime statistics of Scott County

Scott County Police investigated 191 criminal incidents in 2019. The 53 violent criminal instances included 5 incidents of rape, 6 cases of robbery, and 42 cases of serious assault. Among the 138 property crime reports filed, there were 82 burglaries, 32 larceny-theft reports, and 24 motor vehicle theft complaints.

Older crime statistics

The reported crime rate has increased by almost 50% in the ten years from 1999 to 2008 in this area. If that has not made you sit up and take notice, the increase in violent crime figures, which went up by almost 95%, should do the trick. Fortunately, the situation appears less grim when you consider the 100 criminal complaints handled by the Scott County police each year.