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There are any number of reasons necessitating an arrest warrant search in Perry County, MS. Although specific numbers as to countywide crime rates are hard to come by, there are criminals in the county who may have active warrants for arrests in Perry County or elsewhere in Mississippi.

County sheriffs handle outstanding warrants and make many arrests pursuant to those warrants, so a good place to start searching for active warrants is the Perry County Sheriff’s Office. To reach the sheriff through the postal service, address inquiries to P. O. Box 228, New Augusta, MS, 39462. The office fax number is 601-964-8748. Many people who search for active warrants do so because they fear there is one naming them as a person to be arrested and so may choose to opt for a telephone call inquiry. However, many others look into outstanding warrants for employment reasons, and a written inquiry may be fruitful for them.

Another source of arrest warrants information is the Perry County Circuit Court. The circuit courts of Mississippi handle most criminal cases. The state is separated into numerous different circuits, most covering more than one county. Perry County is in the 12th Circuit Court. The county court administration office may give guidance on obtaining warrants information. The court administration office is in the Perry County Court House on Main Street (#103) in New Augusta, MS. If mailing an inquiry, the zip code for the courthouse is 34962.

In searching for information on arrest warrants in Perry County, it is important to realize that this county shares the 12 Circuit Court division with Forrest County, Mississippi. An online resource for warrant information is The site is for the Forrest County Circuit Court Criminal Calendar. The information on the site may help track down information on arrest records and reveal helpful court records. The site includes the following information for cases:

  • Defendant
  • Cause number
  • Charge
  • Attorney
  • DA
  • Status

Additionally, cases listed have colored highlights, including one for cases where bench warrants have been issued.

Is it possible to acquire information from Perry County on recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)     

  • Contact the Justice Court Clerk at 601-964-8366 for an arrest warrants search.
  • Connect with the Perry County Sheriff at 601-964-8461 to learn about recent arrests.
  • Connect with the Victim’s Advocate at 601-964-7878 to reach Victim/Witness Services.
  • Call the Clerk of Circuit Court at 601-964-8663 to get a criminal conviction and judicial records.

Crime statistics of Perry County

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