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As of December 2013, Terry Grassaree was the Noxubee County Sheriff, and his office is a viable source of information pertaining to an arrest warrant search. Noxubee County, MS, is one of a number of Mississippi counties which, for whatever reason, does not report individual crime statistics. However, the county sheriff’s office is the first place to ask about outstanding warrants and arrest records in Noxubee County.

The Noxubee County Sheriff’s office is located at 505 S. Jefferson, Macon, MS, 39341. The office phone number is 662-726-5133 and their fax number is 662-726-4166. Sheriffs, as the leading law enforcement authority in a county, serve a fair number of outstanding warrants, as well as make a number of arrests pursuant to those arrest warrants.

The Mississippi state courts of general jurisdiction (sometimes called “trial courts”) are divided into judicial districts. Each district has what Mississippi calls a “circuit court”. They are state courts, but handle the court cases for their district. The circuit court clerk for each district is responsible for all of the court records for the circuit, and so may have a good amount of data on various filings and occurrences in court cases, including warrants, arrest records and even active warrants still not served by the county sheriff.

Noxubee County is a part of the 16th Circuit Court of Mississippi. Noxubee County’s circuit court clerk’s address is 505 South Jefferson, Macon, MS 39341. The clerk’s office phone number is 662) 726-5737. Since the clerk of court maintains the documentation associated with all matters before the court, they are the office to contact for information on arrest records and warrants, rather than the courthouse.

Should the abovementioned county offices afford you no information on what you need to know about Noxubee County outstanding warrants, there are other options. For arrest records data, you can go to the state level, specifically the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC). At, you can search to find an inmate who is in the state penitentiary by entering a name.