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A Newton County arrest warrant search can get you information on the antisocial elements lurking around in your neighborhood and people from your circle who had a criminal past, and it can be used as a tool to ward off threats arising from cases of mistaken identity. It is not uncommon to find MS active warrants for arrests in the name of people who have never been involved in commissioning an illicit act.

To understand how this happens, it is crucial to know that the police will use any form of identification found on an offender to establish his identity. This means that if an accused has stolen your identity, the warrant will actually be issued in your name and not his. Although your attorney will be able to get you off the hook, you will not be able to evade the initial arrest.

Why wait for such an untowardly incident to occur, would it not make more sense to take precautionary measures in advance? When you look for Newton County outstanding warrants, you will be told about prior arrest records as well. This will help you identify if the warrant was indeed issued against a legal infraction committed by you.

There are two options for a warrant search in Newton. You can either use the form above and get this data from a private source, or you could get in touch with a government agency. Three of these have been listed below, and for a fee, these departments will conduct an inquiry on your behalf.

  • The police: PO Box 395, Decatur, Mississippi 39327
  • The judiciary: 317 W Market St, Greenwood, MS 38930
  • The clerk of court: Broad Street, Decatur, Mississippi 39327; Mail to- P.O. Box 68

Decatur, Mississippi 39327

Newton County, MS ranks high among the geographical divisions of the state with the lowest crime rates. From 2001 to 2008, only 650 criminal cases were filed with the local police, and just about 65 of these were violent crimes. On average, less than 100 crimes occur in the area each year.