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There are two ways to go about the task of getting a Madison County warrant search done and three agencies that will help you with any crime-related data. If you generally want to avoid running into antisocial people and would like to keep them away from your place of work and your loved ones, looking for a most wanted list for your county will be more than enough. This information is often posted on the website of the sheriff’s department as well as the notice boards of the agency.

However, if you need to find out about the active warrants issued in the name of a person you know, you can connect with a local state agency or look online. For a reliable internet option to look for Madison County arrest records and warrants, fill the form above. If you would rather find arrest warrants through a government department, you can head to:

  • The sheriff’s office: 2941 US Highway 51, Canton, Mississippi 39046
  • The magistrate’s office: 128 W North St, Canton, MS 39046
  • The county clerk’s office: Chancery Building, Canton, Mississippi 39046

Of these three agencies, the clerk of the court’s department that is in charge of keeping the court dockets can get you the most extensive information in response to your inquiry on arrests and warrants. In fact, you could also get details on civil cases against the subject along with any active warrants from Madison to his name. In contrast, the magistrate’s court and the sheriff’s office are better suited for crime-related inquiries.

Of course, the police will be able to get you a lot of information on arrest records and outstanding warrants. However, the magistrate’s court, which is the source of all legal instruments issued in the area, can help you with data about summons, bench warrants, subpoenas, and more.

With just about 1600 criminal complaints being filed in the area every year, Madison County, MS, is one of the state’s low crime neighborhoods. Yet, residents have plenty to worry about, with an increase of almost 70% in the rate of violent crime and a growth of almost 40% seen in the rate of reported crime from 1999 to 2008.