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The magistrate issues arrest warrants in Lee County, Mississippi, upon the determination of probable cause. To find a reasonable basis to hold the accused responsible for commissioning the crime defined in the police affidavit, the judge has to rely on the evidence set forth by the sheriff’s office.

Although the petition for a warrant can also be filed by state prosecution, the information needed for the sworn declaration has to come from the cops. Also, once an active warrant is granted, the police have the job of serving it, detaining the accused, and processing him.

The department also releases periodic lists of the area’s most wanted to keep its deputies on the lookout for criminals with Lee County outstanding warrants for arrests to their name. Furthermore, they also furnish details on such orders in response to warrant search inquiries received from the public.

The clerk of court’s office has its own role to play in this whole process. A deputy from this agency records the court dockets for all sessions held in the local tribunals. So, information on Lee County arrest records and warrants is also kept by the clerk’s office, and they can also respond to a warrant search request. To contact these state departments, go to:

  • The office of the sheriff: 510 N Commerce Street, Tupelo, Mississippi 38804
  • The court of the magistrate: 200 W Jefferson St, Tupelo, MS 38804
  • The department of the county clerk: 300 West Main Street, Tupelo, Mississippi 38802-7127

Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from Lee County over the phone? (2021-data)      

  • Lee County recent arrests: 662-841-9739.
  • Arrest records: 662-680-5769.
  • General crime-related information: 662-680-5766.
  • Details about a criminal case filed by you: 662-841-9040.
  • Crime victim assistance: 662-841-1433.
  • Judicial information, including case records: 662-432-2300.
  • Warrants search: 662-432-2500.

Crime statistics of Lee County

The Sheriff’s Office of Lee County handled approximately 661 criminal matters in 2019. Of the total number of complaints filed, around 569 were against property crimes, while 92 were against violent crimes.

With 313 cases, larceny theft had the highest occurrence rate of all property crimes. Burglary brought in around 162 complaints. Aggravated assault cases formed the bulk of violent crimes at 57 incidents.

Older crime statistics

Over the decade that started in 1998, 2004 was the worst year for crime in Lee County, MS. Both reported and violent crime soared to never-before-seen levels this year, reaching an estimated 3000 occurrences. Generally, the annual crime rate of the area stands at around 2200 incidents.