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Lauderdale County, Mississippi arrest warrants will result in the quick detention of the accused. Because the police rush to serve these orders, the alleged offender is not given any time to leave the county. These judicial orders come with instructions for arrest without delay, and cops are obligated to serve warrants expeditiously.

Even if the accused were to escape, outstanding warrants for arrests have almost unlimited validity. This means that the offender can be apprehended under a warrant even a decade or more after the order was actually released. Also, active warrants from Lauderdale County can be served anywhere in the state or, to that matter, the country.

So, initiating a warrant search in your name is a good way to determine if you are in trouble with the law. Contrary to popular belief, arrest warrants are not always the result of criminal involvement. Sometimes a stolen identity can also result in the issue of an arrest order in your name.

Fortunately, looking for arrest records and warrants in the area does not take too much. Head over to one of the agencies listed below and fill in the request form. When at the police station, you can also look at the most wanted list. The clerk of court will also be able to furnish details on civil court dockets along with criminal court dockets.

  • The police: 2001 5th Street, Meridian, Mississippi 39301
  • The judiciary: 500 Constitution Ave, Meridian, MS 39301
  • The clerk of court: As given above

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or information about Lauderdale County warrants over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • To request information about active warrants, contact the Justice Clerk at 601-482-9874
  • To inquire about recent arrests, call the Lauderdale County Jail at 601-482-9800
  • To get information about requesting arrest records and/or a local criminal background check, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 601-482-9874
  • To communicate with Victim/Witness Services, contact the Victim’s Advocate at 601-693-1352
  • To get a certified copy of judicial records, contact the Court Clerk at 601-482-9731.

Crime statistics of Lauderdale County

Data pertaining to the crime rates of Lauderdale County is not currently available. The FBI’s UCR repository also does not contain this information.

Nearly 2400 criminal incidents are reported in Lauderdale County, MS, every year. Of these, almost 9% of the occurrences are of a violent nature, and the rate of this incident category has held steady at this level over the ten years between 1999 and 2008.

The rise in the rate of violent crimes has been negligible at just 1% through this period. However, the reported number of crimes grew by over 20%, which may impact the figures of violent crime in the near future.