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A Lafayette County arrest warrant search is a misnomer of sorts that leads people to believe that an inquiry of this nature only brings back information on the orders for arrests in a person’s name. In fact, when you search MS active warrants, you will be told about every run-in with the law that the subject has ever had.

For instance, if the subject has already served time for his legal transgressions in a state correctional facility, you will be told about this. So, you can expect to find information such as the duration of imprisonment, the parole and release dates, and the type of correctional center that the inmate was being held in.

Even when arrests have not been made under outstanding warrants from Lafayette County, you will be told of this. Additional information that you will receive will include charge details, arrest records, if any, case-related information, and more. Active warrants that have been issued in more recent matters will also be mentioned in the background report.

However, all the information furnished will be restricted to the state of Massachusetts. If you are interested in a countrywide search, try the form on top of this page. Filling it will get you the authorization to access a privately held database of arrest records and active warrants from all across the nation. However, if you seek a background criminal history report in writing, you will have to take your search to a state agency, and for this, you can go to:

  • The police: 711 Jackson Ave, Oxford, Mississippi 38655
  • The county clerk: 713 Jackson Ave E, Oxford, MS 38655
  • The court of the magistrate: Given above

Every year, almost 400 crimes are reported in Lafayette County, MS, of which almost 25 are violent incidents, including rape and murder. The daily crime rate stands at one case every 21 hours, and from 1999 onwards, there has been an increase of nearly 30% in reported crime.