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Arrest warrants in Jones County, Mississippi are issued when a sworn declaration is filed with the office of the magistrate or the county clerk. The affirmation comes from the sheriff’s office as does the petition for the issue of all active warrants. The information offered in this affidavit is used by the sitting judge to gauge if the police have enough evidence to prove the culpability of the accused to any layperson with a reasonable mindset.

An important legal requisite known as the ascertainment of probable cause, this process has to be judiciously followed to ensure that the constitutional rights of the alleged offender are not violated in any way. All arrest warrants from Jones County will have information on the charges filed against the accused, details about the person to be arrested and a clear order to law enforcement agents to take this individual into custody.

When issued, these judicial orders are termed as active orders for arrests. However, despite significant efforts on the part of the police, not all arrest directives get served. Those that cannot be executed do not lapse but are stored in the databases of justice agencies as outstanding warrants.

A warrant search from Jones County will bring back reports on all types of detention directives including those that have been served and even those that are still pending along with arrest records. For an inquiry into crime history data, you can approach the agencies listed below or approach a private information provider. To access a credible third party database, use the form above or connect with the justice departments listed below:

  • The police: 419 Yates Ave, Laurel, Mississippi 39441
  • The judiciary: 402 Central Ave, Laurel, MS 39441
  • The clerk of court: P.O. Box 1468, Laurel, Mississippi 39441

Through the ten years from 1999 to 2008, there has been a distinct improvement in the crime scenario of Jones County, MS. A drop of over 30% was observed in the rate of violent crime while the number of reported criminal incidents plunged by almost 55%. Yet, on an annual basis, nearly 1800 crimes are reported with the local police.