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On average, in the state of Mississippi, there are over 100,000 crimes reported per year reported. The law enforcement agencies in Jefferson Davis County, MS, do not report crime statistics in a manner that lends itself to compiling general yearly crime data for their county. However, crime means there are criminals with outstanding arrest warrants, and those people could, at any time, be in Jefferson Davis County. What methods exist for doing a Jefferson Davis County arrest warrant search?There are a few worth mentioning.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections has a records department. Part of that office’s responsibility is to check for active warrants for people on probation who have disappeared. The office also checks arrest warrants for escaped prisoners and people who violated the terms of their parole. Law enforcement agencies use the resources of the DOC records office for information on offenders, and thus that office would be a good option for obtaining information on Jefferson Davis County outstanding warrants and arrest records. However, it all comes down to a question of access. Although law enforcement has access to the DOC information, not all private citizens have automatic access to it. The DOC website ( states:

Information shall be released only to persons so authorized by appropriate legislation and regulations. Inmates, attorneys, legislators, the governor’s office, victims, law enforcement agencies, the inmate’s family and others may contact the Records Department when they have a question concerning an offender’s records or sentence.

On the local level, active warrant information may be available through the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Office. Their phone number is 601. 792. 5169, and their address is P. O. Box 339, Prentiss, MS 39474. There are other law enforcement agencies in Jefferson Davis County which may help with arrest warrants searches and arrest records checks. Prentiss is just one town in the county, and their police department makes arrests when necessary. Their contact information is: P. O. Box 1344, Prentiss, MS 39474 (telephone number 601-792-5198).

Finally, the court system handling criminal matters for the region is the Jefferson Davis County Circuit Court, 2335 Columbia Ave, PO Box 1090, Prentiss, MS 39474. Their telephone number is 601-792-4231 and their fax number is 601-792-4957. The Jefferson Davis County, MS Clerk of Court may have access to a wide variety of information through court dockets and other court records on pending criminal cases.