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An arrest warrant search in Jasper County, MS, can undoubtedly get you all the information you need on your subject’s criminal involvement. However, the inquiry will fail to highlight the importance of directives for arrests in the legal equation. These orders are sought in three scenarios:

  • When a misdemeanor offense has been committed, the offense did not take place in view of a police officer.
  • When felonies are committed, but there is inadequate information about the perpetrators to make arrests.
  • When the name of the offender emerges after due investigation

Arrest warrants in Jasper County are exclusively issued based on probable cause. This means that the police have to show the judiciary based on the evidence brought forth by them that the incident which occurred was indeed a crime and that it was commissioned by the person who is being accused of it.

Often the police may also bring in the witnesses to testify from their side. An order for detention thus issued is legally termed as an active warrant. For a few days after their release, these directives are known as such. Even though cops have been instructed to treat arrest warrants as the top priority, some of these decrees cannot be served.

These directives are not returned to the judiciary because outstanding warrants from Jasper County issued in connection with serious crimes do not have a fixed validity period. Information about these warrants and arrest records is shared by the police, county clerk, and magistrate’s offices. So, if you intend to find crime history data in the area, you can go to:

  • The police: POB 464, 29 West 8th Ave, Bay Springs, Mississippi 39422
  • The judiciary: 27 8th Ave W, Bay Springs, MS 39422
  • The clerk of court: P.O. Box 998, Pascagoula, Mississippi 39568

How do you get information about Jasper County warrants and arrests over the phone? (Updated in 2021)            

  • To access information about warrants, contact the judiciary at 601-764-2065.
  • To get information about recent arrests, call the Sheriff’s Office at 601-764-2588.
  • To reach Victim/Witness Services, please contact the Victim’s Advocate at 601-764-4497
  • To get a certified statement of criminal court records, contact the Court Clerk’s Office at 601-727-4941/601-764-2245.

Crime statistics of Jasper County

The annual crime average of Jasper County was 125 incidents in 2019. The violent crime rate was in the vicinity of 30 cases. Of the crimes reported in 2019, 5 were cases of rape, and 20 were aggravated assaults. Of the complaints filed against property crimes, 57 were against larceny-theft, while burglaries accounted for 30 complaints.

Older crime statistics

From 2001 to 2008, approximately 175 criminal complaints were brought to light in Jasper County, Mississippi. Of these incidents, only 8% of the occurrences would qualify as violent criminal acts. Property crimes which claimed the maximum cases per year undoubtedly gave residents the most cause fo