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To initiate an arrest warrant search in Humphreys County, MS, over the internet, you will have to necessarily use the services of a third-party information vendor as state agencies are reluctant to divulge crime history data through the electronic medium. In fact, they will not even allow telephone inquiries about arrest records and active warrants. In striking contrast, private agencies are easier to work with for several reasons:

  • They offer information through their websites which is possibly the most convenient approach to conduct inquiries on arrest warrants.
  • You will be given details on the subject within a matter of seconds.
  • The applicant can get information on arrests and outstanding warrants from Humphreys County and the rest of the country.
  • You are charged for a specific membership period instead of the per search fee levied by state departments.

There is a slight glitch in this approach, though; the results of such inquiries will only work for informative purposes. This means if you want to look up the criminal past of an acquaintance or a neighbor, these sites will serve you well. However, if you want to investigate the possibility of arrest warrants from Humphreys in the name of a job applicant or you need to furnish a background report to seek employment, you will have to connect with a government department.

Three agencies from the state’s justice fold that do allow warrant searches have been listed below. If you would rather connect with a third-party establishment, use the form above.

  • The police: 106 Castleman St, Belzoni, Mississippi 39038
  • The county clerk: 102 Castleman St, Belzoni, MS 39038
  • The court of the magistrate: As above

The property crime rates of Humphreys County, Mississippi, have held steady from 2001 to 2005. Each year through this period, approximately 140 cases of thefts, robberies, burglaries, and carjacking were reported in the area. In comparison, the rate of violent crime, with just 10 incidents to its credit, seems paltry.