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A Holmes County arrest warrant search is often presumed to be a measure incorporated by employers when in reality, individuals are as keen on finding out about the criminal involvement of their acquaintances as any commercial entity. If you are seeking information on arrest warrants issued in the area, here are two ways in which you can go about procuring such data.

Offline sources: Despite maintaining multiple crime history databases and their monopoly on such information, most state agencies have no recourse for offering details on arrest warrants online. So, these sources are best categorized as offline agencies, and they include no less than three justice entities.

The sheriff’s office is the first of such departments, and it is often an obvious choice when seeking details on arrest records and outstanding warrants from Holmes County. It is also possible to find supplementary information like a list of the area’s most wanted and crime statistics from the police. The next in line are judicial agencies like the magistrate’s court and the county clerk’s office.

Of these two, the judge’s representative should be approached to gather information not just on active warrants and arrests from Holmes County but also on other legal provisions issued against a subject. As far as the clerk of court’s office goes, this agency can offer a combination of civil and criminal records as they maintain the court dockets database. These agencies work out of:

  • The police: 113 W China, Lexington, Mississippi 39095
  • The judiciary: 200 Court Sq, Lexington, MS 39095
  • The clerk of court: P.O. Box 718 Lexington, MS 39095

Online sources: These include private agencies that collect information from state agencies but disseminate them to the public without any legal bindings. Because these do not qualify as credit reporting firms and are not under the state’s governance, they are exempted from rules that apply to justice agencies. To connect with a private information vendor, you can fill the form on top of this page.

Is it feasible to acquire information over the phone about Holmes County arrest warrants and recent arrests? (2021-Update)    

  • If you want to find out about arrests, call the Sheriff’s Office at 662-834-1511.
  • If you are interested in an inmate search or inmate arrest records, call the Holmes-Humphreys Regional Correctional Facility at 662-834-5016.
  • If you want to do a warrant search, call 662-834-4565.
  • If you want information on victim’s assistance, call 662-834-9029.
  • If you are interested in a criminal case search, call 662-834-2476.

Crime statistics of Holmes County

In 2019, the Holmes Sheriff’s Department received just 2 criminal complaints, both of which were against property crimes. One complaint was filed against larceny-theft while the other case was filed against burglary.

Older crime statistics

With an annual crime rate of just 30 incidents, Holmes County, MS has one of the state’s lowest crime rates. Of these criminal acts, less than 5 are violent, while the remaining and property-related. There has also been a significant drop in the crime rates of Holmes since 2001.