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Whoever said that you always need to connect with the cops for a warrants search in Harrison county never looked at the numerous online options available for such inquiries. A cursory glance through search engine results will show you that there are a myriad of online crime information vendors. However, finding a reliable service provider can be harrowing from the hundreds of websites in front of you.

The simplest way to find a credible online source is to look for the feedback of an establishment. However, while you are browsing through the comments made by past customers, it is crucial to understand that the report you procure from an online source cannot be used for official purposes.

This is one of the primary reasons why many people forego the convenience of searching online and take the effort of driving down to the office of a state department when they need information on arrest warrants from Harrison County. If you need to get the stamp of a public notary on your background report, it will help to get in touch with the office of the clerk of court or the magistrate.

While the police can also provide an official background report and data on Harrison County outstanding warrants for arrests, they will not be able to get you a notarized copy of the documents, which would mean that even after getting the results of your warrant search, you would still have to do a bit of running around.

In fact, approaching the county clerk’s office makes more sense because the agency also offers self browsing options through the justice center’s public service terminals. This way, you can look for information on active warrants and arrest records for free. To get in touch with the agencies mentioned here, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s: 1801 23rd Ave, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501
  • The magistrate’s: 47 Maples Dr, Gulfport, MS 39507
  • The county clerk’s: 1801 23rd Avenue, Gulfport, Mississippi 39502

In Harrison County, MS, an estimated 9000 criminal complaints are filed on an annual basis. The crime incident data available for the area shows that over 89,000 crimes took place in the county over the ten-year period from 1999 to 2008. Fortunately, only about 5% of these occurrences were of a violent nature.