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Like in most other MS areas, an arrest warrant search in Grenada County can be accomplished either through the police or the judiciary. If you choose to go with local law enforcement, you will have to drive down to the sheriff’s office or the closest police precinct. However, if you choose the judiciary as your preferred source of criminal history information, you will have two choices:

The magistrate’s office: The role of the sitting judge in issuing arrest warrants will be hard to miss because no order for detention can be put into effect unless it bears the seal of the magistrate. The judge will sign an active warrant when he sees clear probable cause to hold the suspect responsible for the criminal act in question.

The county clerk’s office: The clerk of court plays a more indirect role in the issue of arrest warrants from Grenada County. A deputy from this department is sent to the court session to record case facts. These are then stored in the court dockets database.

So, as soon as an active warrant is issued, these two agencies store information on the order in their respective databases. Of course, no article on the search of outstanding warrants and arrest records from Grenada would be complete without offering credit to the sheriff’s office. To receive a response to your criminal history and arrests inquiry, you will need to visit the agencies given below personally:

  • Law enforcement agency: 35 Doak, Grenada, Mississippi 38901
  • The county magistrate: 59 Green Street, Grenada, MS 38902-1208
  • The clerk of court: 59 Green Street, Grenada, Mississippi 38901

How do you request information on Grenada County warrants and arrests over the phone? (As of 2021)    

  • To access the report of an event handled by the police (arrests and accidents), contact Grenada County Jail at 662-226-6212.
  • For questions about active warrants, please contact the Justice Clerk at 662-226-3331.
  • To inquire about recent arrests and inmate arrest records, dial the phone number of the Sheriff’s Department- 662-227-2877
  • For information pertaining to victim services, call the Grenada County attorney at 662-226-1891.
  • To learn about criminal case court dates and criminal judicial records, contact the Court at 662-226-1941.

Crime statistics of Grenada County

In 2019, the Sheriff’s Department of Grenada County dealt with about 207 criminal complaints. Property offenses accounted for 162 of the complaints. There are 93 larceny-theft cases, 50 burglary cases, and 18 vehicle theft cases in this category. Around 33 instances of assault and 10 of rape were a part of the complaints filed against violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

Almost 1000 criminal complaints are lodged in Grenada County, MS, annually. Of these incidents, almost 90 cases are filed against violent criminal matters. Unfortunately, the minuscule 1% drop in the rate of this crime category has done little to bring down the annual average. Fortunately, at 13%, the decrease in overall crime was certainly something to write home about.