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Instead of asking why you should be conducting an arrest warrant search in Covington County, MS, you ought to be wondering why you have not done so as yet? An inquiry launched to find the active warrants in a person’s name will also get you details on prior arrest records.

This means that if your subject was ever associated with a criminal event, this would show up in his background report. The only time information on criminal cases is held back from applicants is if the records have been expunged. To see information on criminal history, you can go to the sheriff’s office, which is located 203 1st St, Collins, Mississippi 39428.

The police indisputably has one of the biggest sources of information on criminal cases. Since they are involved in these matters right from the time a crime is commissioned, they have extensive information on arrests, the issue of active warrants in Covington County, and trial details.

The county clerk’s office is where you should go next when looking for crime history data, including arrest warrants. You can visit the local justice center or write to the department at P.O. Box 1679, Collins, Mississippi 39428. The clerk of court maintains the database of the court dockets, which is a collection of case records from civil and criminal tribunals.

Finally, the magistrate’s office will also be able to help you with information on Covington County outstanding warrants. Apart from information on arrest orders issued in felonies and serious misdemeanors, you can also find details on criminal summons and bench warrants from this agency. The magistrate works out of 101 N Dogwood Ave, Collins, MS 39428.

How can you get a copy of an arrest report or information on outstanding warrants from Covington County over the phone? (Updated-2021)           

  • If you are interested in learning about recent arrests, contact the Covington County Jail at 601-765-5001.
  • If you want to learn about active warrants, call the Justice Clerk at 601-765-6581.
  • If you need to know about a criminal investigation or request an arrest report, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 601-765-8281.
  • If you are interested in information on victim’s assistance, dial the phone number of the Prosecutor’s Office- 601-792-4554.
  • If you want more information about obtaining criminal court records, connect with the Clerk’s Office at 601-765-6506.

Crime statistics of Covington County

In 2019, the Covington Sheriff’s Office received 100 criminal complaints, which comprised 72 property offenses and 28 violent crimes.

Around 45 larceny thefts, 13 burglaries, and 15 motor vehicle thefts were reported under the category of property offenses. Nearly 25 aggravated assaults and 3 robberies were included in the category of violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

A bit over 1500 crimes occurred in Covington County between 2001 and 2008. Every year in this interval was marked by an incident rate of almost 200 cases, of which about 10 were violent criminal acts. All in all, there was an improvement in Covington’s crime scenario, with violent crime rates plunging by as much as 35%.