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An arrest warrant search from Clarke County, MS, will bring back a range of information about all criminal cases that involve the name of the subject. However, the background report furnished in response to these inquires will fail to elucidate the impact that an active warrant can have on the legal matter at hand and the life of the accused.

To begin with, it will help to know that police do not always have to wait for warrants to make arrests. However, they choose this approach because, with an outstanding warrant from Clarke County in hand, officers have a greater degree of authority when making arrests.

To further understand this, one must compare active warrants with other orders for detention like bench warrants. An outstanding warrant issued in connection with a serious offense can be served not just in the issuing county but in any part of the country. Also, these directives are free of time limitations. So, they can be served at anytime and even years after their release.

In essence, a person who has prior arrest records and Clarke County outstanding warrants to his name is never really safe. There is always the possibility that even a brief run-in with the law over a trivial matter can lead to the pulling up of all these past warrants. To find out about the active warrants in the name of your subject, you can get in touch with:

  • Law enforcement agency: 444 West Donald Street, Quitman, Mississippi 39355
  • The county magistrate: 101 S. Archusa, Quitman, MS 39355
  • The clerk of court: Given above

Crime statistics for Clarke County, Mississippi, are only available for 2007. In this year, about 5 criminal reports were lodged with the local police. While there isn’t enough information to analyze the movement of crime trends, it is known that almost half of the criminal incidents occur close to the victim’s workplace or residence.