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Do not let the call for Choctaw County, MS arrest warrant searches fall on deaf years. If the ever increasing crime rates of the area are anything to go by, residents are in for a whole lot of trouble. The best way to avoid untowardly incidents that involve criminal elements is to simply get as much information as possible about the people entering your inner circle.

This is where an inquiry on active warrants from Choctaw County and the arrest records for the region will serve their intended purpose. When you get to know about the arrests in the name of a person, you can make a determination on whether this individual is an offender borne out of habit or was this a one off incident. If it is the former, it would bebest to steer clear of this person lest he try to victimize you next.

Similarly, if you get to know about Choctaw County outstanding warrants in the name of a third party, you can be damn sure that he will be arrested some time soon. Because arrest warrants are not recalled and nor do these directives lapse, do not assume that this person has been let off the hook only because the crime was committed ages ago.

These inquiries can be conveniently conducted through one of the three state agencies listed below. Also, you could fill out the form above to find a private agency that lists details on arrest warrants from all over the nation.

  • The police: 112 W Quinn, Ackerman, Mississippi 39735
  • The judiciary: P.O. Box 250, Ackerman, MS 39735-0250
  • The clerk of court: As above

Approximately 105 crimes are reported in Choctaw County, Mississippi every year of which nearly 10% are violent acts. Because crime figures for the area are only available for one year, it is not possible to offer a crime trend analysis.