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An arrest warrant search in Bolivar County will bring back results on all types of detention directives issued in the name of the accused. While active warrants are far from being the only type of legal provisions available to the court, information on search orders and subpoenas are rarely offered to civilian data seekers.

Generally, applicants seeking information on outstanding warrants from Bolivar County are told about the issue of such orders, arrests made under these directives, charges filed against an offender, and how the matter was disposed of by the court.

At times, it may be possible to seek details on a criminal summons issued against the subject. Most definitely, a trip to the office of a judicial entity will also get you details on bench warrants and any other legal provisions issued in civil matters. Usually, it is commonplace to visit the magistrate’s court or the county clerk’s office searching for crime history data.

Both these agencies record information on active warrants as soon as these directives for arrests are released. When warrants are served, the original document is returned to the magistrate’s office; this way, all three agencies that were involved in the release of the order are also apprised of the detentions that occurred under the provision of such decrees. So, to find information on arrest warrants from Bolivar County, you can go to:

  • The law enforcement agency: 2792 Highway 8, Cleveland, Mississippi 38732
  • The county magistrate: 204 N Pearman Ave, Cleveland, MS 38733
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 789, Cleveland, Mississippi 38732

Nearly 1000 criminal cases are reported in this area every year. The violent crime rate of Bolivar County, MS has held at nearly 40 complaints per year from 1999 onwards. Furthermore, there was a 2% reduction in the rate of violent crime and a 30% decrease in reported crime figures.