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An arrest warrant search from Attala County, MS, should be the first step of dealing with detention directives. If the active warrant was issued in response to a felony, this order could be served in any part of the country, by any law enforcement agent, and at any time. In fact, officers are required to make arrests under warrants as soon as possible.

The police also serve misdemeanor warrants; however, these are understandably given less priority than felony warrants. Also, frequently these decrees come with the release conditions stated on them. So, even after being taken into custody, the arrestee rarely spends a night in jail as he has to post bail or pay up the required fine to walk free.

In striking contrast, outstanding warrants connected with felonies cannot be dealt with quite so simply. Owing to the serious nature of the crime, only a bail hearing can get the accused a shot at freedom. Through this session, the magistrate has to be convinced that the offender poses no threat to society if he is released.

As soon as detention is effected, Attala County arrest records are made in connection with the occurrence. This information also reaches the judiciary when original orders for arrests are sent back to the issuing authority. So, civilians can find information on arrest warrants and criminal history in general through:

  • The police: 243 South Broad Street, PO Box 208, Liberty, Mississippi 39645
  • The judiciary: 108 E Washington St, Kosciusko, MS 39090
  • The clerk of court: 230 W. Washington Street, Kosciusko, Mississippi 39090

The constant rise in the annual rates of violent and overall criminal activity, which have breached the 47% and 10% marks respectively in recent years, is usually enough to convince most people of the importance of conducting warrant searches. If this is not the case with you, remember that more than half of the 230 criminal cases that are reported in Attala County, Mi