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Sometimes searching for outstanding warrants and arrests in Mississippi can be a bit frustrating. In Amite County, MS, there are between 10 and 15 crimes reported each year, although generally fewer than five reported crimes are classified as violent crimes. Despite the lower crime numbers, an arrest warrant search in Amite County may prove simpler than other “busier” Mississippi counties. This is because the sheriff has a webpage that contains some very helpful items for investigating active warrants and arrests.

The sheriff’s website,, describes the sheriff’s office, including its duties and how it works, and the people who work there. As the top law enforcement agent in Amite County, the sheriff supervises all county deputies, in addition to other office personnel. The sheriff’s office investigates crimes and complaints. They also patrol the county and also execute active warrants for arrests. Unfortunately, the webpage, which is a part of the county website, has no specific information on outstanding warrants or arrest records, nor does the site’s search option turn up anything for “warrants’ or “arrests.”

However, the web page does provide all the contact information needed to ask a question about active warrants, criminal background checks, and arrest records in Amite County. Finding information on arrest warrants and related matters requires making phone calls or writing letters. The office’s mailing address is P. O. Box 208, Liberty, MS 39645-0208, and their telephone number is 601-657-8057. Additionally, there is a link for sending emails to the sheriff.

Since the sheriff also oversees jail employees, that office may direct inquiries about inmates to the proper person or department. The Amite County Jail’s address is P. O. Box 208, Liberty, MS 39645. The jail’s telephone number is 601-657-8057.

Whatever the reason for looking into arrest records and active warrants in Amite County, starting with good leads and the correct information make the process simpler for both the searcher and the county employees attempting to assist them.