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In Rankin County, case searches will have to be launched by visiting the tribunals in the area or the office of the clerk of court. What stands in favor of the latter is that they can provide judicial records on all sorts of cases and court documents from all the tribunals that are part of the area’s judicial makeup.

Another benefit is that you can conduct the inquiry for free if you know your way around a computer. The clerk of court’s office houses public service systems which are linked to the Rankin County court dockets database. You will need information about the subject such as the first and the last name, the case numbers of the litigations that he was involved in, the period of time for which you want to find judicial records and date of birth, etc.

Also, you will be asked to produce a government issued photo ID. As long as you have all of this, it is only a matter of inserting the details in the right fields on the screen and clicking on search and the results will flash in front of you. There are no charges for viewing; however, if you need copies of certain court documents from Rankin County, MS, these you will have to pay for, but it is a nominal charge.

Of course, it is also possible to simply fill out a search request form to find the Rankin County court dockets in the name of the subject. However, there will be a processing fee involved in launching such an investigation. The judicial records offered as a result will be the same. If you get in touch with one of the tribunals, this is the procedure that you will be asked to follow. The addresses of the courts and the county clerk’s office have been listed below:

  • District 1-4, Justice Courts: 117 N. Timber Brandon, MS 39042
  • County and circuit court: PO Drawer 1599 215 E Government St Brandon, MS 39043
  • County Clerk: 305 Government Street, Brandon, Mississippi 39043