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The process used for finding Jackson County court documents is quite straight forward; like with all other inquiries that involve a third party subject, you will have to walk into the state office with some information about the subject. In other words, inquiries that pertain to judicial records are subject specific or case specific and they cannot be launched randomly for a period of time.

Suppose you want to find if any court dockets from Jackson County, MS have been filed in the name of one John Doe. These could be court documents that are connected with criminal trials as well as civil suits. For conducting the case search, you will need to offer the full name of the subject which in this case is “John Doe”.

Also, you will need his date of birth, so there is no confusion between another person and the subject of your inquiry, in case they have the same names. If you are looking for information that pertains to a specific legal matter, you can simply provide the case or the court docket number.

At this point, applicants have only two options to find Jackson County court dockets; you can either take a trip down to the tribunals in the area or the clerk of court’s office or you will have to send in your case search request through mail. Here are the contact details that you will need:

  • The Circuit Court: Write to them for information on felony cases and civil actions at PO Box 998 Pascagoula, MS 39568-0998.
  • Justice court: They can provide details on small claims, civil actions where the disputed amount does not exceed $3500 and misdemeanor charges. Call on them at 5343 Jefferson St Moss Point, MS 39563.
  • The county clerk: 3109 Canty Street, Pascagoula, Mississippi 39567
  • Chancery Clerk: 3104 Magnolia St Pascagoula, MS 39567