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The Hinds County Clerk of Court’s Office handles a multitude of tasks. However, their most important function is the maintenance of judicial records. Although on their part all the tribunals will independently maintain court dockets for the cases that have been handled by them, the clerk of court’s department performs an all inclusive function.

They send the deputies to gather judicial records for various cases and this is not tribunal specific nor is it exclusive to the nature of the litigation. This means that unless it is specified that a court is a ‘no records’ tribunal, this is the case only with the courts at the lowest level of the judicial hierarchy, the county clerk’s department will have the judicial records for all matters heard by that tribunal.

Court dockets are not randomly collected. A systematic approach is followed for the assimilation of the court documents and their storage. All judicial records are filed under the header of the case number of the litigation they are linked to. However, court dockets from Hinds County, MS can also be found by scouring the database using the name of the defendant or even the attorney.

Of course, given the fact that there can be several individuals in an area who have the same first and last name, it is always sensible to have an additional search criteria ready such as the date of birth. In fact, this is a requirement for launching a Hinds County case search that is connected to a criminal matter.

To access information on the civil and criminal matters heard by the various tribunals in Hinds, you could use the following options:

  • Online case searches: These are offered at http://www.co.hinds.ms.us/pgs/apps/CircuitCivil/ccv_query.asp. You can find details on civil cases by using this tool.
  • The Justice Court: This tribunal convenes at 407 E Pascagoula, 3rd Fl PO Box 3490 Jackson, MS 39207 and it holds jurisdiction in misdemeanor cases and civil actions where the disputed amount is $3500 or less.
  • Circuit Court of the 2nd district: They handle felonies charges as well as civil actions above $3,500. You can write to them at PO Box 999 Raymond, MS 39154. For the county court of District 1, write to PO Box 327 Jackson, MS 39205.
  • The clerk of court’s office: To connect with the county clerk’s department, head down to 316 South President, Jackson, Mississippi 39201.