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DeSoto County judicial records are available for the justice courts and the circuit and the chancery tribunals. These court dockets can be sought online or by approaching the court where the matter was argued. Court documents are available for criminal as well as civil matters. However, the requirement for initiating the case search will vary a bit, based on the type of matter.

For example, information on civil and criminal trials can be sought through the case number. Alternatively, the name of one of the parties involved in the litigation can be used to find judicial records from DeSoto County, MS, connected to a civil case. A similar case search can also be launched for criminal matters.

However, along with the defendant’s fist and last name, you will also be asked to provide additional details such as a birth date or even the SSN. It should also be understood that information about cases heard by the justice courts is offered free of cost. However, to find court dockets for the circuit tribunals, both the civil and criminal divisions, you will need to shell out a recurring fee.

Both facilities are being offered on However, to find circuit court documents for DeSoto County you will need to pay $30/month or $360 per annum. Applicants can also send in their case search requests in the mail. For this, the clerk of court’s office can be petitioned by writing to them at De Soto County PO Box 949 Hernando, MS 38632.

If you want to visit the courthouse in person, go to 2535 Hwy 51 S, Courthouse Hernando, MS 38632. In the judicial building, you will find the office of the county recorder, the clerk of court’s department and the justice and circuit courts. Public service terminals have been placed in the building and access is provided through these computers to the database of court dockets.